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Aberdeen v Motherwell

Aberdeen v Motherwell, SPFL, Saturday 11th March 2017, 3pm kick off

Names are now being taken for the aforementioned match.

Phase Two of the AFC Community Trust Day is now in operation. All match tickets are discounted by 30%. Phase Three (from Monday 6th March) will see all match tickets discounted by 20%.

Ross County V Aberdeen

Ross County v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup, Saturday 11th February 2017, 3pm kick off


The Ticket Order has been placed and paid for. These tickets can now be paid for (Adults £22, O65/U18 £14, U12 £10).


The bus will leave Waterloo Place at 10am, with a stop at Aviemore. A 49 seater has been booked, so if you have booked your own ticket and would like to travel with us, please get in touch. There will also be a pick up at Broxden outside Perth (actual pick up point to be confirmed).


Bus Fares:

Edinburgh – Adults £15, Concessions (O65/U18) £12, U12 FREE

Perth – Adults £12, Concessions (O65/U18) £10, U12 FREE

Aberdeen v Partick Thistle

Names are being taken for this match.

Bus will leave Waterloo Place at 10am.

Aberdeen v Dundee

Aberdeen v Dundee, SPFL, Friday 27th January 2017, 7.45pm kick off

Names are now being taken for this match. The bus will only run if there are sufficient numbers. If it runs it will leave Waterloo Place at 4pm.

Aberdeen v Stranraer – Scottish Cup

Aberdeen v Stranraer – Scottish Cup Fourth Round, Saturday 21st January 2017, 3pm kick off

Names are now being taken for this match. Bus will leave Waterloo Place at 10am.

Season Ticket Holders have until 5.30pm on Thursday 12th January (tomottow) to secure their seat. Tickets are only £15 for Adults, £10 for Concessions and £5 for Under 12s.

Aberdeen v Hamilton

NEW – Aberdeen v Hamilton, SPFL, Tuesday 27th 2016, 3pm kick off

Names are now being taken for the aforementioned match. Departure time from Waterloo Place will be 10am.

Motherwell v Aberdeen – UPDATED

TICKETS – If you have ordered tickets through the club for this much, you are now able to pay for them as our complete order has been accepted.

Adult – £23

Over 65 – £16

Student – £16

Under 16 – £12

Family (1 adult + 1 U16) – £29

BUS NAMES – There is a very good likeliness that there will be Pay At The Gate. If you would like to put your name down for the bus please let us know. Those who have already requested a ticket will have their bus seat booked already.

The bus will leave Waterloo Place at 4pm.

Ross County v Aberdeen

Ross County v Aberdeen, SPFL, Saturday December 17th 2016, 3pm kick off


Ticket orders are now being taken for the aforementioned match. There will not be a bus to this match.


Adults – £22

Concessions – £14

Under 12 – £12


The deadline for all orders is 12 noon on Monday 5th December 2016.

Cup Final Bus Info

Please find below the full list of those traveling on Sunday. The name listed is that of the person who made the booking. If you are getting on in Edinburgh, please take note of which bus you have been allocated to.

Pick Up Pass Pick Up Pass
Andrew Steele Waterloo 1 Bus 1 Alan Moffatt Duloch 1 Fife/Liv
Andy Brechin Waterloo 2 Bus 2 Brett Haggert Duloch 4 Fife/Liv
Craig Thomson Waterloo 2 Bus 1 Daniel Stoyanov Duloch 2 Fife/Liv
Damon Main Waterloo 1 Bus 1 David Ferguson Duloch 2 Fife/Liv
Darren Aitken Waterloo 1 Bus 1 George Cowan Duloch 2 Fife/Liv
Darren McConachie Waterloo 3 Bus 2 Jamie Stewart Duloch 1 Fife/Liv
Emma Forbes Waterloo 1 Bus 1 Jodie Morris Duloch 1 Fife/Liv
Ewan Stark Waterloo 1 Bus 2 Karen McAllister Duloch 1 Fife/Liv
Fiona Kirkwood Waterloo 1 Bus 1 Keith Macmillan Duloch 6 Fife/Liv
Gordon Docherty Waterloo 1 Bus 1 Kevin Bett Duloch 1 Fife/Liv
Graeme Terry Waterloo 1 Bus 1 Lee McLellan Duloch 2 Fife/Liv
Graham Ramsay Waterloo 1 Bus 2 Lee Morris Duloch 2 Fife/Liv
Gregor Fraser Waterloo 3 Bus 2 Mike Teevan Duloch 1 Fife/Liv
Ian Simpson Waterloo 1 Bus 1 Rachel Forbes Duloch 1 Fife/Liv
Jody Jamieson Waterloo 2 Bus 2 Richard Robinson Duloch 1 Fife/Liv
John Cameron Waterloo 2 Bus 1 Scott MacLennan Duloch 2 Fife/Liv
Keith Neil Waterloo 1 Bus 2 Scott McDonald Duloch 1 Fife/Liv
Kenneth Gillespie Waterloo 2 Bus 1 Scott Watson Duloch 4 Fife/Liv
Kevin Gillespie Waterloo 2 Bus 1 Steve Turner Duloch 1 Fife/Liv
Lorraine Utterson Waterloo 1 Bus 1 Tony McColl Duloch 1 Fife/Liv
Marion Hall Waterloo 1 Bus 1 Graham Muir Livingston 1 Fife/Liv
Mark Szczuka Waterloo 2 Bus 2 Ian McCurrach Livingston 1 Fife/Liv
Mikey Mair Waterloo 3 Bus 1 John Simmonds Livingston 3 Fife/Liv
Neil McPherson Waterloo 1 Bus 2 Malcolm Small Livingston 1 Fife/Liv
Nick Gosling Waterloo 3 Bus 2 Maureen Smith Livingston 1 Fife/Liv
Peter Gerrard Waterloo 1 Bus 1 Michael Gibb Livingston 3 Fife/Liv
Richard Duff Waterloo 1 Bus 2 Phil Grant Livingston 1 Fife/Liv
Robert Duguid Waterloo 2 Bus 1
Sandy Howat Waterloo 2 Bus 1
Simon Humphrey-Adam Waterloo 1 Bus 2
Stuart Cook Waterloo 1 Bus 1
Alan Saunders PC World 1 Bus 1
Andy Stephen PC World 1 Bus 1
Diane Newlands PC World 1 Bus 1
Dougie Davidson PC World 3 Bus 1
Jane Clark PC World 2 Bus 1
Judy McDonald PC World 1 Bus 1
Neil McGillivray PC World 2 Bus 1
Paul Meldrum PC World 2 Bus 1
Paul Mills PC World 2 Bus 1
Ray Aiken PC World 1 Bus 2
Ross McNicol PC World 2 Bus 2
Stephen Hendry PC World 1 Bus 2
Steve Garrick PC World 1 Bus 2
Return Only
Gus Stewart Glasgow 2 Bus 1
Mark Schenk Glasgow 2 Bus 1

It is important that you stick to the buses listed as tickets will be distributed while we travel west.

Bus Times:


All buses will leave their initial pick up point at 10am. All buses will have the Capital 1903 board and their Parking Permit for Hampden on the front of them.


Waterloo Place (10am) – The buses will be as close to the Wee Red Bus Stop as we can get. But there should be enough Red and White scarves/shirts to make it clear.


Duloch Park (10am) – For those who don’t know, the pick up point in Fife is on Sanderling Way at the lay by. Sanderling Way is the stretch of road between the motorway roundabout and the entrance to the Leisure Park.


PC World/Glasgow Road (10.20am) – The buses will stop at the Official bus stop there, but we may have to move depending on traffic.


Deer Park (10.30am) – The bus stop outside the Premier Inn at Deer Park will be the pick up point for Livingston.




Bus Fares:


Members Non-Members
Pick Up Point Adult O65 U18 U12 Adult O65 U18 U12
Waterloo Place £10 £10 £5 Free £13 £13 £8 £3
Duloch Park £10 £10 £5 Free £13 £13 £8 £3
PC World £10 £10 £5 Free £13 £13 £8 £3
Deer Park £8 £8 £5 Free £11 £11 £8 £3


NO ALCOHOL SHOULD BE TAKEN ON TO ANY OF THE BUSES. This is the law and not us spoiling the day. If anyone is caught with alcohol, the Club and the Bus Company are charged. There is plenty time when we get to Glasgow for drinking (and hopefully afterwards!).


– For those traveling on the Fife/Livingston bus the number you should phone if you are running late or can’t make the bus is 07866776060. Everyone else should use the Club’s phone number (07342769944).

– After the match, the buses will leave 30 minutes after the Aberdeen players leave the pitch (regardless of the score). Please be respectful to others passengers and don’t hold up the buses departure. The buses will be in the Car Park at Hampden, please return on the buses you traveled with as this makes the Bus Convenors job easier.

Inverness V Aberdeen

Inverness v Aberdeen – SPFL, Saturday 19th November 2016, 3pm kick off

We have had a number of requests to run a bus to the Inverness match on November 19th. We would like to know if there is sufficient numbers to run the bus.

The bus would leave Waterloo Place at 9am, with a comfort stop at Aviemore. Bus fares are TBC

If you are interested please let us know as soon as possible.

Please do not use PayPal as a payment option when booking buses Dismiss