History of the Club

The History of our Supporters Club


The first Aberdeen F.C. supporters club in the Edinburgh area was formed in season 1978/1979, the founding members being COLIN DUNN, DOUGIE DAVIDSON and BRYAN FARQUHARSON.


Colin and Bryan were amongst a crowd of 3,500 at Meadowbank Stadium to watch Aberdeen F.C. in the 1st leg of a 2nd round cup tie against Meadowbank Thistle on Wednesday 30th August 1978.  They figured that there were around 400 Dons fans in the crowd and surely, they couldn’t all have travelled down from the north for such a game.


The game


“the match resulted in a 0-5 scoreline in the Dons favour with goals coming from Sullivan, Jarvie, Kennedy, Archibald and Fleming.  ”Meadowbank still haven’t won a game in the 2nd division this season. All they wanted to do was score, never mind how many they let in”. (The Aberdeen Companion –  Clive Weatherdale)


So, it was agreed that there probably were enough fans in the area to consider forming a supporter’s club and running buses to games at Pittodrie. But how would they go about this? Bryan had just finished reading Robbie Shepherds book and decided to write to him for advice.  That advice was:


  1. contact Pittodrie to tell the club of your plans
  2. book a venue for a public meeting
  3. advertise the meeting in the local paper


This they did, in a hall in Broughton Street, and 15 people turned up to the first meeting of what was to become the East Central Scotland Aberdeen Supporters Club.


The first bus they ran was to the ¼ final 2nd leg of the league cup at Pittodrie against Ayr Utd. (The Dons meantime having went on to beat Hamilton 0-1 away and 7-1 at home in the 3rd round).


The bus got as far as a pub in Arbroath, where they stopped for some light refreshments only to discover that the game was off due to bad weather! (No radios on buses in those days!)


However, not to be put off a bus was again organised for the rescheduled game on Wed 15th November 1978. This game did take place, with a comfortable 3-1 win for the Dons, McLelland, Harper and Archibald scoring on this occasion. The crowd for this game was 13,000.


The game


“Ayr followed Hamilton’s example, they hit the Dons when they were still cold (9 mins). Ayr were looking forward to their 14thmatch without defeat, until the Dons exerted their superiority”. (The Aberdeen Companion – Clive Weatherdale)


There has been a lot of changes since those days, some of the older members will recall that the bus stopped in Stonehaven on return from European games to watch the evenings match on television.  The road was not as fast as it is today, so the journeys were much longer. Also, McKendrys Coaches were notorious for breaking down.


There have also been a lot of committee changes over the years, and even the club name has changed from ‘East Central Scotland’ to ‘Edinburgh’ Aberdeen Supporters Club, and then, to the one which we are known by today, ‘Capital 1903’.


I think you will agree that we all owe Bryan, Dougie and Colin a great debt, without them we would not be gathered here tonight celebrating our 21st.


Well Done!

*Source unknown. Printed round about the time of the Club’s 30th Anniversary.

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