Rules & Constitution

Rules for Members and Guests


  • Any member found to be bringing the Club in to disrepute, whether at games, online or in any other circumstance, shall be reprimanded by the Committee in line with powers stipulated under the Constitution.
  • In the event of an all ticket match, all names and money must be forwarded in advance of the match. Anyone wanting tickets sent out must add the cost of a First Class stamp when paying for their ticket. Tickets for non-members are at the discretion of the Committee.


Rules for Bus Travel


  • Members wishing to travel should inform the Bus Convenor, or nominated Committee member.
  • Any member or non-member who fails to show up at the allotted pick up point, without informing a member of the Committee, shall be subject to sanctions by the Committee.
  • Buses shall leave from Waterloo Place (Calton Burial Ground) at times advised to members.
  • Should any game be cancelled when we have arrived in the town where the match is played, the Bus will leave within 30 minutes of the intended kick off.
  • No alcohol to be consumed on any of the buses Capital 1903 provides for any game. This rule will be strictly enforced. Members are reminded that it is a criminal offence to consume alcohol on any coaches on route to or from football matches. The police have “stop and search” powers over football supporters’ coaches, and if any offence has been committed they will not allow the coach to proceed to the match. Please do not take the chance of spoiling our trip.
  • Members of Capital 1903 should act as ambassadors for Aberdeen FC and the Supporters Club at ALL times, and behave in such a manner as to enhance the reputation of Aberdeen supporters and Aberdeen Football Club.
  • Members will not participate in, or start themselves, racist, xenophobic or sectarian chanting, songs or behaviour inside or on route to or from, away grounds.
  • Members will treat host stadia, and their authorised personnel, with respect.
  • Members will not become involved in violence or incitement to violence inside, or en route to or from, away grounds.
  • Members will follow instructions given to them by stewards, police and authorised persons inside or en route to or from away grounds.
  • Any junior (Under 16) wishing to travel on the coach without their parents or legal guardian, MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult OR have permission to travel. We hope supporters will understand that as organisers of away travel on behalf of the club we have to protect ourselves from any liability. We hope that this will not stop young supporters travelling with us during the season.



NAME – The name shall be “The Capital 1903 Aberdeen Supporters Club” hereafter referred to as The Club.


OBJECT – The object of The Club is to promote the support of Aberdeen Football Club.


PROHIBITIONS – The Club shall not discuss or encourage any political or religious affiliations.


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – The affairs of The Club will be under the management of the Executive Committee consisting of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and one ordinary Committee Member, such members being elected for a period of one year, and everyone being eligible for re-election.

The Chairperson will act as contact between the Club and Aberdeen Football Club.

  • Arranging tickets for members
  • Acting as the point of contact for the club.

The Secretary will issue all notices calling meetings of The Club and Committee, and in general attend to all correspondence.

The Treasurer shall act as Membership Secretary as well as fulfilling the role of Treasurer

  • Collecting and banking subscription fees
  • Hold details of club members in accordance with Freedom of Information and Data Protection
  • Provide annual audited accounts prior to the Annual General Meeting each year.


A designated Committee member, shall coordinate the travel arrangements to each match throughout the season.

  • Taking names at least ten days prior to the scheduled fixture
  • Communicate with members the appropriate times and locations of pick up points
  • Informing members of any cancellations at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled kick-off time
  • Collecting fares from passengers on buses

The Committee shall have powers to fill any vacancy in their membership through co-option until the AGM.

  • The Committee shall appoint conveners to organise functions, such conveners being responsible for collecting all monies and paying all accounts and shall submit a balance sheet to Committee within one month from the date of each function.
  • The Committee shall make rules and regulations as may be considered necessary, all such rules as made, altered or added, being on every member unless set aside at the AGM.
  • No member of the Committee shall make profitable gain from any monies received on behalf of The Club.
  • The Committee shall have full powers necessary for the conduct of Club affairs, including the following special powers, namely:
    • To expel or suspend from office a Committee member who persistently fails to carry out Committee duties.
    • To expel or suspend from the Club any member found to have contravened any of the stated Rules for Members and Guests.
    • To expel from the Club any member found rioting or causing a disturbance.
    • In the event of a member being suspended for any reason, such suspension will take effect as and from the date of such incident, which will be considered as soon as possible by the Committee. The member will be notified of the decision and allowed 14 days in which to appeall.

MEMBERSHIP – Membership of The Club shall be open to all supporters of Aberdeen Football Club willing to abide by The Club Constitution and Rules.


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – The purpose of the Annual General Meeting is for the Club members to gather, review the past season, set fees and elect a new Committee. A copy of the Balance Sheet is to be sent with notice of meeting. All officially registered members will be eligible to vote, one vote per member.

– Agenda items to be raised each year:

  • Chairman’s Welcome
  • Meeting Apologies
  • Approval of previous AGM minutes, Constitution & Rules
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Propose Membership prices for the forthcoming season
  • Propose Bus prices for the forthcoming season
  • Election of Committee

– The office bearers and committee shall resign at the Annual General Meeting each year and will be eligible for re-election.

– A candidate shall be a member of The Club for at least one year before becoming eligible for election.

– Each candidate must be proposed and seconded by members of The Club present at the Annual General Meeting.

– If there are more nominations than there are vacant positions on the committee a secret ballot will take place

  • Any Other Competent Business


Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) – An EGM can be called at any time by 25% of the individual membership. Reasons for this must be stated and 14 days notification given to Members.


SUBSCRIPTIONS – Subscriptions will be set at the Annual General Meeting and will be payable, in the first instance, to the Treasurer. Members who have failed to pay their annual subscription will have all voting rights and any benefits of Association membership suspended until payment is made.


ALTERATIONS TO RULES – Any proposed alterations or additions to the Rules and Constitution of the club must be submitted in writing to the Chairman SEVEN days prior to the AGM. If passed by a majority of members present, alterations or additions to rules will take immediate effect after the AGM. All members will be informed of any changes to the Rules and Constitution within two weeks of the AGM taking place.


COMPLAINTS – All members’ complaints must be submitted to the Chairman in writing signed by the person making the complaint. The Chairman shall submit the complaint to the Committee who shall have power to deal with the complaint, as they deem fit.


LIABILITY – The Club or its Committee will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage howsoever caused to any member or non-member.


DISSOLUTION – The Club shall not be dissolved except with the consent of two thirds voting at a meeting called for that purpose.


Constitution approved at AGM 2013 – Updated 26/9/13 – Updated 24/7/18

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